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[Project Alice] face-up by Neoshaiproductions
[Project Alice] face-up
face-up I did for my dollfie, I first did the one on the left but eventually decided to change it a bit
I'm really happy to how it turned out
first time I ever did a face-up ... just saying XD
She fell asleep on my lap. But I couldn’t close my eyes for a second. Thinking about a way to get out. No window, walls to thick. No service on my cell phone, the door unable to be opened from inside the room. The small panel on the bottom would be the only spot that’s a little bit weaker than anything in this room. Looking at the panel, it suddenly slides open. A face looked trough it. Quickly closed it again, I heard locks opening. I reached out to the stick and tried to gently put the girl besides me without waking her up. The door opened and in a flash I leaped forward stabbing the person who opened the door and rushing trough the house. Stabbing everyone I came by. Ending up in the kitchen, I took a cleaver that was inside a drawer. Running trough the house I chopped up every single person I saw. Until the last person, the old men. He looked into my eyes, didn’t say a thing. I asked him why he did this.
He told me he had no other choice and suddenly turned his head. Looked at a guy who had previously felt the wrath of psychopathic boy, who was angry for what happened to the little girl. I saw him looking at the gun that was sticking out the dead guy’s pocket. Telling the old man to just go ahead and take it, he reached out and turned his body aiming trying to aim the gun. But even before he could fully turn around his armed fell to the ground. The cleaver fell to the ground. “Goodbye”. Grabbing his head turning it around snapping his neck. That were the last words he heard. I called the police and gave them the address. Letting the phone drop I hear something fall down. I ran downstairs and saw the young girl laying on the stairs, crying, her face in tears yelling out asking why I left her. I walked down and picked her up, “ I will never leave you.” Hearing the sirens from the police and ambulance, I went back up stairs and walked straight into a cop. He asked me what happened here. Without answering I continue my way upstairs and outside the house. For the first time I saw the face of the young girl. Long, dark brownish hair hang down from her head. Blood was still everywhere. Her right eye, completely damaged, stabbed out. The only thing I cared about was getting her out and getting her something to eat and drink. I sat her down in the ambulance I could see she was afraid of any other person coming close. The cop from before walked up to us. Again asked us what happened. We told them everything. I told him exactly what happened. I told him I killed every single person in there. He looked at the girl and started asking question. Not a single word came out. She pulled on my sleeve, asking me if she could answer him. Like she needed my consent to say something. Trying to put her at ease, telling her she could say whatever she wants. She calmed down and told the cops everything.

One of the nurses came from in front of the car and tells me to step away because they have to leave. The moment I tried to even take one step something clanged down on me, holding me tight. And screaming that I can’t leave. The cop looks at me and tells me I can go. I go along with the girl inside the ambulance. Finally a moment of rest again. Something that I still didn’t know about her was how she ended up there, who she is and where’s she’s from.
Asking her these things. We talked until arriving at the hospital.  Her name is Alice, she was born 13/12/1998, that makes her 15 years old. Her parents killed when they abducted her almost a year ago. No other family or friends. She was home schooled. No one even knew that she was gone. No one even knew that she existed. Never registered in this country, not even sure what her last name is. Never knew the real names of her parents or if those were even her real parents. Always kept inside.

Arriving at the hospital the nurses and doctors had a lot of problems. Alice didn’t want to go anywhere anymore without me. Even when I told her it was fine she would burst out in tears asking me not to abandon her. So I had no choice but the join her wherever they went. Still in dirty clothes, covered in dirt and blood. We were sat down in the operation room where they cleaned  out her eye but to their surprise, the wound itself was already closed with a new layer of flesh over it. They took several pictures of her head to see if anything would cause problems. Her eye was perfectly fine, no infections or anything. They took several blood samples and gave us a room and fresh clothing. I walked into the bathroom, Alice still following me. I asked her to wait outside but trembling in fear from every person that walked by made me accept my responsibilities and took her with me inside. Took a shower together, I cleaned her up and noticed several scars over her body, she must have been tortured as well. Putting on the fresh clothing and finally being able to sit down on a soft bed. She sat down beside me and laid her head down and yet again fell asleep on my lap. Lots of thoughts ran trough my head at the moment, I was wondering if it’ll stay like this forever.

Suddenly a man walked into the room. It was the cop from before. He came to me with a worried face. He tells me what’ll happen now, with me, with the girl, with us both. I’ll undergo several tests because I killed all those people, I didn’t get any jail period because he says it’s put under self defence. Though I have to be followed for a while so that I wouldn’t do anything like that anymore. Alice will have to go trough some tests to see if she’ll be mentally stable enough to go on in the wide world or if she’ll have to be put in a special treatment centre. However the cop told me that I could take her under my wings if she accepts it, since I’m an adult. If not she’ll probably go to a foster home. I seem to be getting quite fond of her so I decided to take her under my cares. Alice woke up from our conversation and the first thing that she said was that there was no way she will go away from me. That taken care of there was one more thing. Her schooling, since she was only 15, under the law she has to be schooled. The cop told me he would take care of everything. It seems like he’s quite understanding. But since there was no last name she would take on my last name, I didn’t want that though, but when she heard that she starting crying thinking that I don’t want her around or something. I gave her another last name, a last name that I’ve been using more then my real last name. And put her at ease telling her I’ll explain it later why she didn’t get my last name.
Every day I ride along the same road. Every day I see the same houses along the road I take. The road that leads to the city in which my mother resides. Along that road there are a lot of different houses scattered about. Most of them have quite some space between them.
But just asides a line of houses, there’s a little bit of space in between them and the next house. A house that is different from the row. It lays in a single space quite a distance from the road. It looks abandoned but I have seen an older man working in front of it. He lives there alone. The yard filth with dirt piles and overgrown grass. On the sides of the house the plants grow along the walls, grow along the cracks that shows how old that house is.
There’s a statue in front of that house. It creeps me out. The statue that looks like it moves around once in a while with lose hanging flowers and grass around it. The angel that seems to constantly look into your eyes no matter on what side you’re standing.
The water inside the bowl it’s holding has obtained quite some dirt. It seems like it has never been emptied and cleaned.

At night I’m a bit paranoid whenever I pass that house, I think something might happen.
Feeling like the yard in front of that house is so lively. In a way the yard calms me down, the long grown grass that runs along the dirt piles of earth, whacked weed and overall filth.
It seems free from the world. No worries and no sins. Sins that make a human feel guilty.

For a while at night I thought I heard noises. Screams that call out for help, screams that call out in pain. Really silent and quickly suppressed by the noises of nature. These screams lasted for a while. Lately I haven’t heard anything when I pass at night. These noises, these screams that I never heard during day because of all the noises the cars made, the people made and the wind blew away. These screams that were in my head for all these moments I passed at night, suddenly disappeared.

One night I passed that house and for the first time I saw a couple of people in front of the door. They were arguing with the old man that was living there. I saw the men looking over in my direction. I went over the streets and walked towards the house. I have no idea why I didn’t decided to just ride away. I put my bike to the side of the fence, walked to one guy and asked what was going on. Without any warning a couple of guys came from behind me and propped my mouth, held my hands behind me and took me inside. We went trough several doors and stairs. I didn’t resist any of it … why, why didn’t I try to escape? After a few stairways down we came along a room that was walled. The walls around this room were so thick, I was wondering what was laying behind the heavy looking door in front of me. They unlocked the doors and threw me inside. Letting go of my arms and thus I was able to pull out whatever kind of cloths they propped inside my mouth.

The room smelled weird. It was quite dark inside with a little light coming from one lamp in the middle of the room. I looked around, no way to get out. There was a small panel of some sort on the bottom of the door. It can’t be opened from this side. The stench from in the room was getting stronger for a little period of time. But than the smell went away, I think I got used to it. The floor felt sticky. All of a sudden I heard a noise, a faint noise … sounded like scratching on a wall. I turned around and saw a shade go inside the wall. It seemed to have moved a large object a little bit. Without thinking I slowly stepped towards the place I saw the shade disappear. Another smell came from the corner of that room. Smelled like rotting meat.

I called out, asking if someone was there. Something made seemed to be there. A faint noise of a crying girl could be heard from whatever was laying on the floor. A small, silent voice asked: “Please, don’t hurt me…”.
I crouched towards the body. Putting my hand on the floor, I felt something sticky. Trying to see in the small bit of light there was it seemed to be dark, reddish fluid. Immediately thought about blood. For some reason nothing that was happening seemed strange to me. I didn’t freak out or thought what was going to happen. Not for a second. Just in front  of the thing on the floor there was a stick, at the end of that stick the same fluid could be found, with some piece of what seemed to be meat on the end of that stick.

Getting closer and closer to the sobbing sound, it’s really silent that every time I move the sound can’t be heard. I placed my hand on the dark object, it’s quite soft. Turning my body away from the light the only thing I see is a dark silhouette. It’s heavy, sticky and it seems to have a lot of holes in it. I pulled it towards the light. It’s the body of a young girl covered in blood from all sort of wounds. She’s dead, the lifeless body was still dripping blood which means that she hasn’t been dead for a long time. I turned back around, crouching silently towards the faint sobbing. The closer I got the to corner the more silent it got. Was I going away from the sound or was it going away from me. I’m now in the corner but I see nothing. Feeling along the walls I feel a lot of bumps and metal objects that are stuck inside that wall. A crack inside the wall caught my attention. With my right hand I followed that crack. There’s a hole inside the wall, a small hole. You can’t see it but you can feel it’s there. I reach inside the hole and the same faint noise asks: “ Please, don’t hurt me…”. Trying to calm whoever’s in there down, “ don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you. Please, come out.”
It doesn’t help, the person inside the hole isn’t coming out. I turn my attention to the dead body. The body I pulled towards the middle of the room. Seems like she was used, used as a tool and died under the pain of whatever she’s been trough. Her fingers and hands were full of cuts and pieces of stone inside, full of dirt, a lot of fingers broken, flesh scraped off. Going back to the hole I asked what happened here. No answer. I sat down in a pool of blood against the wall.

Suddenly felt a hand on the side of my leg. I looked at it and said in a silent voice that it’s okay. A young girl came crawling outside the hole, the hole seemed to be bigger than what can be seen. The girl seemed to be wounded. In tears she falls into my lap. Finally relieved to see a nice face, as far as things can be seen. Again I asked her what happened here. She started talking, telling me what has happened. In tears and trembling, she tried her best to tell me what was going on inside this room. The girl that I found dead was used as a sex toy by some guys that paid the old man that lived inside this house. Probably the guys that were arguing with him just before I was thrown in here. After a certain period of time they realised that the girl was no where to be seen inside this room, the girl that is now laying in tears on my lap. Telling her story. The girl who has been here for years. The girl who has seen the older girl used and tortured. The tortured girl who gave up her life in keeping the hole what became a hiding spot a secret from the men who used her. She just recently died. This made me think that the thing the old man was arguing about was probably the death of the girl. They did find the hole back, the stick I found before was used to check if something was in there. The stick that made the little girl lose an eye. They stabbed the stick into that hole stabbing out her eye. But they couldn’t reach inside. Couldn’t pull out the girl and thus leaving her behind. Leaving her inside to die by the hands of time, suffering from hunger and thirst. Searching around the room for food and anything to lessen her thirst. She started to feed of the dead body. But couldn’t do it and had to continuously puke. Which made her condition even worse. She hasn’t received food for 2 days. Barely holding on hoping she would be freed one day.
I don't think that's a word O.O
anyway I'm trying to make a drawing of Yubel in a more human form but keeping most of her looks
So not just the normal human form (cuz I know she has a human form) 
So I was wondering for all the people out there drawing human pokemons and such if you have some tips
tips for drawing thing that aren't human .... human, however Yubel has a lot of human features I find it weird not giving her wings. Though in the humafided (<- i'm so gonna make that a word XD ) Yubel I don't want the wings or maybe I should give her tiny wings .....
So all tips and ideas are welcome 

Also if you're interested in what random stuff I do all day you can follow me right here:…
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